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Justin Riggio

McGill University in Montréal, Canada

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Hi, I am a masters student from the Materials Engineering department. I am now a visiting researcher at the University of Oslo as part of my thesis work with the Functional Energy Related Materials (FERMiO) research group. I am passionate about food and mostly developing and assessing sustainable technologies that can help preserve our environment. I have experience in tutoring physics, chemistry and math subjects (just in English) so this is a good time and opportunity for myself to contribute knowledge to the younger generation. Thanks for listening!

Hvorfor Justin er en god underviser

I take the time to teach; I understand that many can have different perspectives with the same subject so I take pride in relating these two to provide good understanding.

Tidligere arbeid

I was a tutor in high school for the elementary students in subjects like math and geometry back in 2007-08. At the university level, I was a teaching assistant for two courses; heat, mass transfer and fluid dynamics and materials process design.


My interests revolve around a healthy lifestyle for my mind and body; such as reading, working on my thesis, cooking and exercise








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